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Want to become a member of Practition? Medical Indemnity policies issued by the Insurance Company are underwritten on a claims made basis and covers you from the period of time you join or providing cover for your historic work and include retroactive cover. 


Switching from an Insurance Company

If you wish to switch from an Insurer company, all we need is your acceptance of our terms and we will do all the rest. When moving from another Insurance Company, the Practition policy would pick up your retroactive cover.

The insurance policy that we will be providing is underwritten on a “Claims Made” basis. This means  that claims are dealt with under the terms of the policy in force at the time the claim is notified and not the policy that was in force at the time of the original error or omission. For this reason it is important that you do not allow your insurance cover to lapse, as this will mean that you will be responsible for settling any claims notified during the period for which cover is not in force.

Switching from a mutual

When switching from a mutual defence organisation, there are two main differences in the cover offered:

Moving from a claims occurrence to a claims made policy

Non-regulated cover to regulated


All Practition policies include 21 years + run-off insurance in the event that our clients cease to trade, retire or death.

It is always worth checking with your current provider how you are covered, and we will look to accommodate any gaps in cover i.e., claims made cover for certain time periods.

It is common for mutual defence organisations to undertake an income audit which could leave a consultant with deactivated memberships or cover cancelled ab inito. Practition can look to assist in these circumstances so please call our team to discuss your options.

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If you wish to switch from another insurance company, all we need is your acceptance of our terms and we will do all the rest. Your Practition policy will pick up your retroactive cover.

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