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Medical billing to provide a more accurate and efficient indemnity quote

Indemnity insurance has caught up with digitisation through a partnership between Practition and Bill Medical by creating an automated and transparent quoting process based on practitioners’ recent treatment records. The process will also address the growing cost of medical indemnity costs clients are currently experiencing as it offers a fresh approach on how to look at indemnity cover.

Many doctors and medical professionals are currently over-paying for insurance due to potential overestimating of income and sometimes not having their full treatment list to hand especially if working at different hospitals. Bill Medical has your historic treatment and billing activity categorised by treatment codes and with a client’s consent, this can be passed onto insurers to provide a quote. Through granulated billing data, Bill Medical has helped reduce premiums by up to 30%.

Leaving the billing administration to the expert team at Bill Medical frees you to focus on patient care and growing your practice. It also provides Practition with all the vital information needed to get you that competitive quote.

Digitising your medical billing process is essential for your practice to let you have the time you need to service your patients.

Why Bill Medical?

  • A highly personalised, effortless service for our clients

  • The lowest bad debt level in the industry

  • A safe, secure, and trusted service for your patients

  • Years of expertise and proven processes

  • A huge wealth historic industry data. Essential to providing trend analysis within the private practice space.

  • Clients are enjoying the benefits of a reduction in aged debt by up to 78% in just six months.

Why Practition?

  • Trusted expertise as part of the world’s largest privately owned insurance broker

  • A panel of insurers to ensue you are getting the best terms.

  • Effective claims management – we advocate and challenge on our client’s behalf.

  • Contractual indemnity with financial savings.

Whether you’re looking to digitalise your medical indemnity, or move to a forward-thinking indemnity provider, give us a call today to discuss.

Georgia Whelan

Tel: +44 (0)1494 416 411 | Email:

Charlotte Salih (Bark)

Tel: +44 (0)7741 232 107 | Email:

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